Specialist Solutions

aArdent eLearning develops high impact elearning solutions suitable for small to large businesses or organisations.


Revolutionising Induction

Have your inductees hit the ground running with structured and role specific elearning modules, tailored to the role and the inductee. Your new recruits will be integrated into the business unit and their team faster than traditional methods, using our contemporary training methodologies.

We provide end-to-end elearning solutions, tailored to your business or organisation.

SingleSwipe elearning

You’re used to using your finger and thumb to use your smartphone or tablet device, and most good apps are designed to allow for this one-handed, simple interaction. aArdent eLearning takes this one step further by designing our mobile solutions for thumb or forefinger interaction. SingleSwipe allows for simple, step-by-step interaction and navigation. This keeps the learner’s attention on the content without distracting navigation and superfluous icons.


We provide end-to-end elearning solutions, tailored to your business or organisation.


Just-in-time elearning

Exactly the right learning, right at the point it is needed. These mini modules are task and product specific, concept centric, and process orientated. They are designed to be points of reference or curated content. They are just the right thing for high turnover roles, or for introducing new products and services, and changes to organisational processes. They are a great resource for refresher learning, on the go.

We provide end-to-end e-learning solutions, tailored to your business or organisation.

Change management

We understand the need for all staff to be welcoming and accepting of change, no matter how big or small. We specialise in change management campaigns, designed to promote interest in the changes and then provide guided learning to clarify what the change means to them personally and as an organisation. Change management should not be hard, it should be engaging and meaningful. Let us show you how we can make it happen for you.