ELearning Solutions

aArdent eLearning develops high impact elearning solutions suitable for small to large businesses or organisations.

We create cutting edge, bespoke multi-device elearning solutions for organisations just like yours.

Blended Solutions

We create and deliver learning in all delivery modes, including face-to-face, classroom, boardroom, social media, workplace, indoors, outdoors, virtual and even MOOCs.  Tap into our extensive experience in designing solutions for all delivery methods.

Desktop Solutions

Learners who are predominantly at a desktop device can still benefit from the advantages that mobile solutions provide, as most mobile solutions work just as well with desktops.  Our elearning solutions will align with your existing LMS infrastructure delivered through desktop platforms.

LMS/CMS Solutions

We provide integrated solutions to suit your existing infrastructure and technology.  Want to make LMS based courses more dynamic, engaging and effective? We can show you how.

Mobile Solutions

If you are brave enough to do the next-big-thing in elearning, known as tlearning, then we want to work with you.
Tlearning is technology based learning, where the learner uses their own mobile device to undertake their learning.
Learners undertake their learning in their own time and place (which could still be in their workplace, but unscheduled and location independent).

We provide end-to-end e-learning solutions, tailored to your business or organisation.