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ELearning Solutions

We provide end-to-end elearning solutions for large or small organisations.  Our solutions include mobile, desktop, blended or even face-to-face.  We work with you to ensure your corporate image and culture is at the forefront, using your content and giving voice to your people.  ELearning  provides the most cost effective training and change management solutions, and we aim to make it engaging, meaningful and relevant to your staff and business.

Specialist Solutions

We are at the cutting edge of technology enhanced elearning.  We call it tlearning, the next-big-thing in learner-centred elearning.  We leverage the technology that your staff already have in their hands; their smartphone, tablet and notebook, as well as Apple Watch and smartwatches.  This means we keep your people ‘on the floor’ to undertake their learning in their own time, on their own device and in their workplace, in transit or at home.


We specialise in mapping strategic planning into effective training solutions as well as providing advice and support for all your L&D needs.  We are happy to provide an initial obligation-free conversation, just to ‘sound out’ your problem, figure out your needs or just chew the fat about blue-sky innovations, new technology and the latest teaching and training methods.

We create cutting edge, bespoke multi-device elearning solutions for organisations just like yours.


Partners & Clients

Just a few of the companies we work with

We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of exceptional companies, from large organisations to small businesses.